Why Do People Tailgate? FAQ

why do people tailgate

Tailgating is an American invention that seems to have become a tradition at many college and pro football games. Tailgating normally occurs in the sports parking lot before and sometimes after a game and is marked by enjoying a variety of grilled food and drinks. While tailgating can certainly be fun, have you ever wondered why people tailgate? As it turns out there are almost as many reasons why people tailgate, as there are football games each season. Here is a look at why different people tailgate.


It’s a Bonding Experience

Tailgating is a bonding experience for many people who enjoy tailgating simply because it is an opportunity to share something they love (football) with other people who share their passion. People from both teams intermingle and enjoy each other’s company and the excitement of the upcoming game.

It also is a bonding experience for friends who attend the game together as well as family members to simply spend time enjoying a fun activity while they wait for the start of a game. The entire shared experience of the tailgate and the game helps to bring people closer together.


Prolongs a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Not everyone has season’s tickets to football games and for some people attending a Pro football game may be a once in a lifetime experience, and tailgating simply adds to and prolongs this special event. For people who have little opportunities to attend football games, tailgating simply makes the experience more fun and exciting. It gives them an opportunity to experience something new and exciting and allows them to build memories that often last a lifetime.


The Great Food

Everyone enjoys a good cookout with great food and a tailgate is just another excuse to have a cookout. It is really surprising how many people will go out of their way to prepare some really awesome food for that tailgating event and in many cases these tailgate gourmets are willing to even share with a stranger or two. While we won’t go as far to say the only reasons some people tailgate is too enjoy great food, we will say that the best food at these parties is something most people remember.


The Games

If you think that all people do when tailgating is sit around drinking ice cold beers and eating then think again. Many tailgaters bring along some fun games like spike ball, hole toss and other games to play during this before the pre-game party. In fact, joining in some of the different games that are offered at tailgating events makes the entire experience more fun and entertaining for everyone involved.

In fact, some people enjoy tailgating even more than enjoy the game if that is possible.

Now that you know some of the reasons why people tailgate you might be thinking of tailgating yourself the next time you are going to a game. If you do know that you will be in good company, make some new friends and probably have the time of your life.



There you have it, the reasons why people like to tailgate. If you still don’t understand why, then go to a tailgate yourself. You will understand the setting is like no other, just a bunch of die-hard team supports and enough beer to fill a lake with.