Are you looking for the best drinking card games to add fun to your college or adult party? Maybe your gathering is just a little boring and needs something to make it a little more lit.  We take a look at the top 10 drinking card games for 2020. Well… they might not all be card games, but they’re all suitable for playing with a smaller group of friends indoors, and the best part is you can buy any of them on Amazon. Read on.

Top 10 Best Drinking Card Games Reviewed

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#10 THE TIPSY TOWER - The Ultimate Adult Party Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

By: ShouldWeDrinkTonight

The first game on our list is the Tipsy Tower by ShouldWeDrinkTonight. Although not a drinking card game, it is a fan favorite. The heart-pounding excitement as the tower is falling is something that will create memories as you now get to watch your friend chug their entire drink because they couldn’t pull a piece without knocking the tower over. It is a classic block-stacking game like Jenga with an interesting alcohol twist to it. 

It features 54 blocks each with one of 36 rules and different games written on the bottom of the blocks. You play by pulling a block from the tower without knocking the tower over and either play the game or follow the rule on the bottom of the pulled block.

In Short:

  • Similar to Jenga but with a twist
  • Great for college parties and older adults
  • Everything is included to play
  • High quality blocks made to last (no fading)

#9 These Cards Will Get You Drunk - Drinking Card Game

These cards will get you drunk fun indoor drinking game best drinking card games

By: These Cards Will Get You Drunk

The name of this game is a giveaway, and the ease of playing makes it one of the best drinking card games on the market. 

How do you play? So, like any games of cards, you have the deck with cards facing down, and one draws a card from it. They are supposed to read it loud and do what the card requires of them. If they fail, they take a drink.

Will you be the last one standing?

In short:

  • Includes over 100 cards 
  • Guaranteed to have you LOL-ing
  • 2-8 Players
  • Can be played with any type of alcohol 

#8 Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Game

drink a palooza drinking game


Drink-A-Palooza, in short D-A-P, is an ultimate party starter with a smart combination of Quarters, Beer Pong, and Flip Cup skills among others into a wild and crazy drinking card game. 

Here is how you start; spin the bottle spinner to pick who goes first. Navigate the board by rolling the dice to win mini-games like Beer Pong, Quarters and Flip Cup

You become a winner is you fill your six pack with the mini-bottles you collect from winning the mini-games. 

In Short:

  • Combo of beer pong + flip cup + kings cup
  • 2-12 players
  • Can be played in small spaces such as dorm rooms

#7 Mini Beer Pong Drinking Game - Shots Pong

mini shot pong

BY: Apex Myriad

The concept of the mini-pong game is what most people are conversant with. It includes arranging cups willed with drinks on either side of the board where the players seat and launching a small ball into the opponent’s drink. 

The idea is to clear the board and get them drunk! 2-4 players can play this game at a time.

In Short:

  • Basically mini beer pong
  • Perfect for hard alcohols 
  • 2-4 players
  • Great for small spaces 

#6 Drinko

drinko drinking game

By: Fairly Odd Novelties

Drinko is a fun drinking game with pretty easy rules. You first need to set up your shot glasses on their corresponding labels on the board and chips and have the youngest player go first. 

Players drop a chip of their choosing into the top of the board. The chip drops into a lettered compartment after which the player drinks from the cup of the corresponding letter.

In Short:

  • Probably the easiest drinking game ever
  • Up to 6 players

#5 Beer Pong/Cup Pong - Gopong

gopong beer pong table

By: Gopong

This should probably in the number 1 spot for the best all time drinking game. From college kids worldwide to the 50 year alumni, who doesn’t enjoy sinking a few shots at your local tailgate

Beer pong is the OG drinking game and will be for a very long time, the versatility of either using a kitchen table or a regulation sized beer pong table, the principal stays the same. 

The Gopong Pro 8 foot beer pong table is in the top of its class with its 36″ powder coated aluminum frame and sleek design that folds away for easy storage.

#4 Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette


Get the party going with this easy-to-play drinking game. The player turns the wheel and drops the ball just like in real casino roulette to determine whose number is up. The owner of the shot glass with the number corresponding to that played drinks the contents of their shot glass and spins the wheel again. Everyone wins with this game, and the sure thing is that everyone will get drunk at the end of it all.

In Short:

  • 2-8 Players
  • Super easy to play
  • Perfect drinking game for 21st birthday

#3 Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever drinking game

By: Never Have I Ever 

This card game adds fun to revelations of the things you have never done before and getting drunk while doing it. It is played by 4-12 players. This is probably not one of the best drinking card games to play with your family, stick this one to your inner circle of friends to avoid accidentally spilling out the fact that you screwed your ex in a church parking lot.

With all the rule cards sitting on the table, each player is dealt 10 play cards. The first player picks one rule card and reads out loud. After doing what the rule card says, and you are guilty of what your play card says, you keep the card. If not guilty, you discard it. The winner is the first player with ten play cards.

In short:

  • 4-12 players
  • Will make you think of many past memories 
  • 550 cards to keep the party going all night 

#2 Spin The Shot

Spin the shot

By: Barbuzzo

Maybe this one doesn’t belong on this list of all due to its incredible simplicity, but hey if you’re trying to get drunk then go for it.

If you have ever played spin the bottle, then this game shouldn’t be new to you. The only difference is that you will be spinning an arrow instead of a bottle. To play, fill the shot glass with alcohol and spin the arrow.

Whoever is pointed downs the shot, fills the shot glass and spins the arrow again. The good thing is that you can add your own rules to make the game even more fun.

In short:

  • Super simple
  • Play with as many people as you want
  • Basically spin the bottle with a cool shot glass

#1 choice out of ALL drinking card games - Drunk Stoned or Stupid

drunk stoned or stupid drinking card games

By: Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Get ready to call your friends out and maybe create some new enemies. This game is not for the light-hearted. The deck includes 250 cards and for each card pulled the table must decide who is the group is MOST LIKELY TO… and the cards are pretty hilarious. This one made it to #1 for being my personal favorite out of all the drinking card games.

Some examples of some of the cards are:

…is a little b**ch

…will make out with absolutely anyone 

…is going straight to hell

So be careful who you play this one with as it can get a little out of hand sometimes. 

Either way it will be sure to make the next interesting and possibly learn some new things about your friends.


In short: 

  • Great 6+ players, no max 
  • 250 unique cards included 
  • An interesting night guaranteed 

In Conclusion - Choosing the Best Drinking Card Games

It really depends on what type of party you want to have or what type of crowd will be attending, but there is a game for every type of party whether it be a drunk work party, college dorm party, frat or sorority party or get together, etc. By showing up to the party with any type of drinking game, you will surely lighten the mood and get drinks flowing smoother.