10 Best Hidden Flasks To Smuggle Your Booze Anywhere (In 2020)

Who loves going to a festival and paying twenty bucks for a house vodka cranberry? Yeah nobody. Hidden flasks have been around for a while but have recently developed into undetectable secret flasks that portray themselves as common everyday items. This guide takes a look at the best flasks that will allow you to smuggle your booze anywhere… well almost anywhere. Read on.

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best hidden flask buying guide

10 Secret Flasks To Smuggle Your Booze

What to consider when buying a disguised flask

A few things must be considered when purchasing a hidden flask to ensure it is the best fit for you. Things such as capacity, design, or location you plan on using your flask will affect which flask is best for you. Read the considerations below to help you decide on which model will work best for you.

Where you will bring your hidden flask

Well…  I could name a million different places off the top of my head. 

  • Cruise Ships
  • Music Festivals
  • Night Clubs
  • Amusement Parks
  • Golf Courses
  • Hotel Pools
  • The Beach
  • Tailgates… Obviously

Anywhere that charges an arm and a leg for a cheap drink is a good place to bring your hidden flask. You won’t only save money but you’ll also be able to control how strong your drink is because well… you get to be the bartender!

young adults having fun at music festival

How you will use your secret flask out in public

girls drinking alcohol at music festival

If you can stomach it, you can straight up drink whatever you fill your flask with, vodka, rum, whiskey, wine, basically any type of liquor will work. Remember that it might look strange turning back a tampon flask or sunscreen flask in public, so definitely consider that when choosing a flask.

For the other 99% of drinkers that don’t want to be wasted on short notice…

Simply order any soft drink from the venue, festival, or event you’re at, have the bartender look at you funny for not ordering a real drink, and go back to your group of friends to whip out the secret flask that you’ve been bragging about all day. It’s that simple!

Size of hidden flask and how much liquor it can hold

different size bottles

Are you just trying to haul along a shot or two, or are you trying to smuggle an entire bottle of wine? Ask yourself this question before purchasing because each flask has a different container size ranging anywhere from 1 ounce to a crazy 50 fluid ounces!

Also, consider whether or not the item fits your gender, Clearly a guy walking around with a tampon disguised as a flask hanging out of his pocket looks a little suspicious.

Now let’s dive into the 10 best flasks for containing your booze.

BoozeBrella Disguised 9 Ounce Umbrella Flask

By: Smuggle Mug

Raincheck! This one is perfect for bringing just about anywhere. Nothing suspicious about carrying an umbrella with you at all times. The BoozeBrella umbrella flask comes in tons of different colors that fit many styles for both men and women. With its medium-sized 9 oz container size, it holds 6 full shots or about 2 glasses of wine. Also available in a 2 pack, you can grab one for yourself and one as a gift for your booze smuggling best friend. 

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Key Features

  • BPA free

    made with FDA approved food grade materials

  • Many different design/color options

    that are fit for both men and women

  • Comes with a speed pourer

    and also Includes 3 lid seals



The Original Binocktails Bev-Brush Paddle Brush Secret Flask

By: Binocktails (maker of the binoculars flask

For all you divas out there that keep your beauty tools on hand everywhere you go. Now just replace one of the 5 brushes in your giant bag for one of these brush flasks and your all set to get drunk anywhere.

This paddle brush flask is actually a fully functioning brush that looks, feels, and works just like the real thing. Yes, you can actually use on your hair without any liquids coming out. It’s so well put together it even comes complete with a mirror on the opposite side of the brush! 

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Key Features

  • Fully functional paddle brush

    it looks, feels, and functions like the real thing

  • Complete with a mirror on the other side.

    can you believe that!

  • Fits a full glass of wine

    Yes ladies you heard that right, you can now have a glass of wine with you at all times



Gopong Hidden Lotion Flask, sneak alcohol anywhere, 3-pack

By: GoPong

Bring a whole new meaning to the term “moisturize daily”  with this 3 pack of lotion flasks. These are great to take anywhere in your purse or bag due to the fact that they are pretty much identical to real bottles of lotion. Don’t worry they don’t come filled with any real lotion and they’re made of 100% food-grade materials.

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Key Features

  • 3 pack of 8 Oz Flasks

    totaling your fl oz count to 24 oz of delicious beverages

  • Looks and feels like real lotion bottles

    except they're made with safe food grade materials

  • Complete set with 2 mess-free filling funnels

    to ensure every drop makes it in the containers



Portovino Wine Tote Beach Bag With Hidden, Insulated Compartment

OK now, this is getting interesting. A whole beach bag dedicated to concealing your wine. The world predicted we would have flying cars by the year 2020, but instead, we got something better…this thing! It holds up to 2 full bottles of wine for you and your gal pals to sip on wherever you go, that’s 1.5 liters of delicious wine in arms reach! Complete with an easy pour spout located on the side.

The beverage pouch is 100% BPA free and very concealable. Inside the bag, there is a secret zippered compartment where the beverage bag is stored, making it possible to bring this one almost anywhere. With room to put all of your belongings (even when the wine bag is filled), this is a truly dual functioning bag.

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Key Features

  • Huge 50 Oz capacity

    That's 2 bottles of wine, or 2 bottles of straight vodka if you're that wild

  • Convenient side pour spout

    for quick and discreet refills of course

  • Insulated secret compartment

    To keep your alcohol cold for hours



For all you fashionistas out there with your big bracelets and hoop earrings, you can now wear the same thing but hide alcohol in it! This one may not fit everyone’s fashion style but for those it does, you just scored. No way a security guard would ever question the bracelet your wearing so don’t worry about getting caught with this one. 

Made with food-grade stainless steel, it is meant to last refill after refill and to never rust. It only holds about 3.5 Oz of liquid (about 2 shots), but that is more than enough for some. 

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Key Features

  • Made with FDA certified durable stainless steel

    to ensure it never rusts and is completely safe to drink from

  • Crystal stone lid

    so your bracelet still looks stylish with any outfit

  • Many color options to choose from

    grab a few different ones to match with different outfits



Multi-Flasking’s Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask

Finally, one for the guys. This hidden flask closely resembles a can of Axe body spray but little does anyone know it is actually holding a nice 8 fluid ounces of drank. It has a leak-proof lid and its compact design is great to keep in your girlfriend’s purse. The company assures that it looks exactly like the real thing and the photos prove this.

While this may not be the best thing to bring to a club or music festival as the security would probably question why you need it, it is perfect for sneaking alcohol onto cruise ships, or anywhere that you would have a bag.

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Key Features

  • Identical in size to a real body spray can

  • Great gift for a guys 21st birthday

    or any other guy that's 21

  • Fits 8 oz of liquid



Suck UK SK FLASKBOOK1 Stainless Steel | Hidden Unique Gifts | Silver | Flask in a Good Book

Now this one is exactly what it sounds like, “A flask in a good book”. While it may be frowned upon by some, this is not a true Holy Bible. It is meant to look like some sort of holy book but is simply a hollowed-out book with a flask inside that reads “Good Book” as the title. It would maybe be Ok to use this as a prop in a priest Halloween outfit, but other than that it should probably stay in a backpack or purse.

Inside the book, there is a full-size stainless steel flask to store any hidden booze you would like. Once again this is another great one to bring on cruise ships are books are 100% allowed to be taken on board.

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Key Features

  • 4 different cover styles

    3 of them say "good book" and 1 design reads "self help book"

  • Hard cover

    to ensure the book stays intact from repeated use

  • Stainless steel full size flask included



Leakproof Hidden Flask – 2 Secret Sunscreen Flasks For Liquor – Large 10oz Empty Alcohol Containers & 100 Foam Seals & Collapsible Funnel | Hard Plastic Booze Smuggling Discreet Bottles

Coming in at number 3 we have the infamous sunscreen flask. This flask is an original and still working til this day. This kit is coming in at number 3 because it is the best kit deal as it comes with 2 sunscreen flasks, 2 different sized filling funnels, and a whopping 100 extra bottle seals to ensure a fresh clean seal every time you use them. Each bottle holds a decent 10 fl ounces of your favorite beverage. 

The Sunscreen Flask is great to take to a tailgate, music fest, or any type of outdoor party.

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Key Features

  • Perfect 10 oz container size

    fits a a good amount of your favorite liquid

  • Includes handy collapsible funnel

    for easy and clean fill-ups

  • Includes 100 pressure sensitive seals

    that completely seal the sunscreen flask every time you put a new one on



Sneaky Booze Hidden Flask Pouch For Men And Women: Portable 32oz Undetectable Alcohol Bag. Concealable Plastic Wine Liquor Body Hip Flasks. Disguised Leak Proof Travel Bags For Cruise Concert Festival

Sitting at number 2 we have one of my personal favorites.This is the secret hidden flask that I use for all of my music festival adventures. What makes this one so good is the fact that it is basically foolproof. No matter what event you go to, the security might be able to pat you down but they are never allowed to touch your groin area, which is exactly where this one is located.

It holds an amazing 32 fluid ounces of booze and can be worn by men and women. It has an adjustable 4-foot belt to be able to conform to any body type and size and comes with a detachable tube that is used to dispense the booze right out of your pants.

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Key Features

  • For both men and women

    as long as they are not wearing leggings or tight fitting clothes

  • BPA/ taste free

    enjoy the taste of your drink and only your drink

  • Fully adjustable

    4 foot belt fits any body type and size



Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flask 5 Fake Tampons

Yep, you guessed it, coming in hot in our number 1 spot for the best hidden flask is the tampon flask. Although this one only works for women, it works flawlessly. Women cannot be denied bringing tampons with them anywhere they go. And when women are at that time of the month, they’ll typically carry multiple tampons with them at a time, so what does that mean? Multiple tampon flasks! Some girls I know will even carry a whole case of tampons with them at all times just to be safe. 

Each tampon flask only holds 1 fl oz, but as I said above, you can carry tons of them without raising any flags. These are great because you can put different shots in each of them and almost have a shot tasting party wherever you go, all while saving tons of money compared to regular shot prices at an event.

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Key Features

  • Each pack contains 5 tubes

    each fitting 1 fl oz of liquid

  • Plastic sleeves and adhesive seals included

    to make the mini flasks appear as real sealed tampons

  • Made with food grade plastic

    because we're clearly not drinking out of real tampons here, yuck



The WineRack 200-008 The Wine Rack

By: The WineRack

I decided to throw this one in as well, “the wine rack” is a sports bra that you probably won’t be playing any sports in. Available in 3 different sizes to fit most women, the machine-washable bra flask holds up to 25 ounces of liquid. 

This one is perfect for getting into any event you would like as security is not allowed to check around your private areas. It comes with a handy drinking/dispensing tube for easy alcohol access.

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Key Features

  • 3 convenient size options

    to fit the torso size of most women

  • Plastic sleeves and adhesive seals included

    Large 25 fl oz capacity

  • Drinking tube with on/off valve

    to seal off your boobs.. oops I mean BOOZE!




As we saw, choosing the best hidden flask depends on a few things such as the kind of event you would be attending, the amount of alcohol you want to bring, and obviously which flasks work for either male or female. Some flasks have more accessories than others, and some don’t have any. As always please drink responsibly and don’t do anything illegal. 


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