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With a quality tailgate cooler comes the convenience of taking refrigeration with you on the road(oops I mean the tailgate), and the best part is; you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket to get one. Thanks to advances in technology, tailgate coolers are becoming more reliable with better insulation and portability compared to traditional coolers found at your local gas station.

Can you get a quality tailgate cooler at an affordable price?

Absolutely. The secret is knowing where to look, and to help you get what you are looking for, we look at the top 10 best coolers for every budget without compromising quality.

Igloo Marine Ultra Square Coolers

The first on the list is the Marine Ultra Square Coolers from Igloo. Igloo is known to produce top quality outdoor products, and their coolers are no exceptions. Functionality and efficiency are the key features of these coolers, and as if that is not enough, they are reasonably priced for those seeking to stick to their budgets.

Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler

Yeti is another brand that you have probably come across during your research on coolers. It is one of the most trusted coolers by fishers since it entered the market targeting the fishing niche. Over time it has diversified its application to become of the most reliable tailgating coolers on the market with its Tundra series proving this fact to its competition. You are ready to spend on a quality cooler for your outdoor activities; then the Yeti Tundra won’t let you down.

Coleman Steel Cooler

If durability and capacity are your main concerns for a tailgate cooler, then the Coleman Steel Cooler was made for you. From the name you can tell that this stainless-steel cooler offers nothing less than durability with a capacity for 85 cans – pretty much enough for your tailgating party. Better yet, you can get the Coleman Steel Cooler in a variety of colors and prices to suit your budget.

ORCA Extra Heavy-Duty Cooler

ORCA is another big name in the coolers industry, and their Extra Heavy-Duty cooler made our list of the top recommendations. The first impressive feature of this cooler is the perfect sealing lid that ensures proper insulation. You can count on this cooler to keep your food and drinks cold all day long. So, if when planning your next camping trip, boat outing or beach days and other outdoor events, then the ORCA Extra Heavy-Duty Cooler is what you need.

Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 

“Colder than Yeti” is the bold statement put forward by Canyon Coolers about their Outfitter coolers; a claim they have done well to support. Besides being high-end tailgating coolers that come with optimal efficiencies, they are a less priced compared to Yeti Coolers. Better yet, you get a lifetime warranty, storage capacity for up to 36 cans of beer and amazing freezing capabilities of up to 18 days!

IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers

Backpack coolers are designed to enhance portability and if you are looking for one with uncompromised functionality then the IceMule Coolers Pro Cooler is your best pick. At first thought, you might worry about how cumbersome it may be to carry the cooler with ice, but you shouldn’t. Most users have expressed their satisfaction in the cooler and would recommend the same for outdoor enthusiasts.

Yeti Hopper Cooler

Another Yeti cooler on the list is the Hopper Cooler which was designed with hikers and campers on the mind. It comes with a long comfortable strap for ease of carrying. Like other Yeti coolers, the craftsmanship incorporated in its manufacture ensured that your food and drinks remain cold for days. This and the fact that it is reasonably priced makes the Yeti Hopper Cooler one of the best choices to go with if you are looking for the best cooler for your budget.

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler

Among the late entrants into the industry is the K2 Coolers. This brand, though not a household name has proven its ability to brush shoulders with the pioneers of the industry. Thanks to the intricate construction of the K2 Coolers Summit 20 Coolers that ensures maximum insulation you can expect to have your food and drink cold for days. Its construction offers durability and comes with 7 years warranty for protection after the purchase.

AO Coolers Vinyl Soft Cooler

The right choice of a cooler for your fishing trip will mean determine the quality of fish you bring home. You want your trophies to be fresh, and the best way to do this is ensuring that your fishing cooler has the necessary features. One such cooler is the Vinyl Fishing Soft Cooler from AO Coolers. It is available in different sizes with carrying capacities of 12, 24, 36 or 48-packs, so, the right choice would depend on your needs. The strong points of this cooler are guaranteed efficient cooling for 24 hours and as well as being light for ease of carrying on your fishing trip.

Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler

The other soft cooler on which you can rely is the Coleman Soft Cooler that comes with wheels for transport. It features a removable hard liner for flexibility in carrying with pockets on the front, sides, and top for additional storage capacity. This will make the best choice if you are looking for the best cooler for a long outdoor trip with your friends.

Conclusion For Choosing The Best Tailgate Cooler

The best tailgate cooler for your needs can vary depending on whether you are a hard liquor guy or someone that brings a 24-pack with them everywhere they go. Different ice ratings also mean that your ice could be completely melted half way through the tailgate or it could last up to a week after that. This is all unique to each person. Be sure find exactly what your exact tailgate cooler needs are before you jump into purchasing one right away.