Beer Pong Table Size – Official Guide

At a college party and arguing with some scrub about the table not being long enough? Prove him wrong right here with the official beer pong table size guide.

official beer pong table size

Beer pong is one of the most popular drinking games around college kids, it’s no doubt that it gets competitive at most college parties and tailgate’s since everyone wants to be the beer pong champ.

Elbows, wrists, bitch cup, island, whatever dude, before you start calling out all these rules, make sure the size of your beer pong table is up to regulation standard.

Official Beer Pong Table Size

According to the Official Rules and Regulations of The World Series of Beer Pong®, the official beer pong table size is 96″ x 24″′ x 27.5″, yes that’s an 8-foot table. Some beer pong tables are only 7 feet long, but remember that this isn’t an official regulation sized table, it is more of a “house party” sized table if you will.

Best Beer Pong Table

If you’re looking to purchase a regulation-sized beer pong table, check out the GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table – it’s probably the best beer pong table that you can get for your money.

It’s an official regulation-sized table which means nobody can call you out for using your small folding plastic table as your party pong board.



GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table


  • Full 8-foot regulation size
  • Black powder-coated lightweight aluminum frame
  • Folds down for easy transportation 
  • Triangle markers to ensure cup placement is exact 

Beer Pong History

Beer pong is a fairly new game that didn’t come around until the 1950s. It was known to come from a game similar to beer pong but was actually played with paddles. With it being started among the fraternities at Dartmouth College, it’s no wonder that it is a popular game among the frats and sororities of today. 

Beer pong is also called Beirut in some countries but is mostly only known as beer pong in the USA. 

What Is Beer Pong?

I won’t dive into full detail here as it is a fairly simple game to understand and play. It is basically a game played with cups, ping pong balls, and typically alcohol.

Two teams set up 10 cups on both sides of a table in a triangle formation. Teams take turns shooting a ping pong ball back and forth while trying to land the ball in the opposing team’s cups. If a cup is made, it is removed from the table and one of the team members that was shot on must drink the alcohol inside of the cup (usually a cheap beer).

The official list of beer pong rules and regulations is quite extensive and not typically followed by everyone as many people overrule these with “house rules”. House rules are basically a unique set of rules created by whoever owns the property that the beer pong tournament or match is being played at.